First named storm, Abigail, to hit on Thursday night

Earlier this year, the Met Office and the equivalent, official weather department in the Republic of Ireland, Met Eirann, asked the public to submit names for storms that will come into the region this winter around the British Isles. The online forecaster,, and others, have been using named storms unofficially for quite a number of years but this change agreed by the MO and ME brings clarity to the naming convention.

Storm Abigail is currently south east of Greenland and tracking easterly bringing sustained wind speeds in excess of 50 knots with potential gusts much higher. The storm warning is valid from Thursday evening at 1800hrs into Friday though you can expect to see heavy swells reach the west coast of Ireland by Thursday morning.

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More detail and further information can be found at

Exposed coasts in the west and Northwest should be aware of the chance of minor structural damage, with debris. Most trees have lost the vast majority of their foilage which should reduce the chance of tree falls. The official warning and Met Office website link is below.

Southwesterly severe gales are likely to develop across the northwest and north of Scotland later on Thursday and to extend across the Northern Isles into Friday morning. Gusts of 60-70 mph are likely with the possibility of gusts into the 80s of mph in exposed locations. Winds will begin to ease and veer more westerly across the Western Isles and the mainland on Friday morning and across the Northern Isles on Friday afternoon.

The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to transport. In addition, large waves may give rise to local over-topping along some coasts.