Windows 8 weather app

This is a bit of a hidden gem in the app world. The “Modern” interface of Windows 8 has been struggling to gain traction in promoting the apps available to it, but this is one app that you definitely should open and setup.

The home screen is visually appealing with a daily view of the next five days weather, with a percentage chance of rain for day and night and a maximum and minimum temperature.



All Windows 8 apps generally scroll from left to right and you can see above the hourly view that is partly displayed to the right, seeing this will depend on your screen resolution. Another feature of Windows 8 apps is the right click context menu. In this app when you right click, you can configure multiple locations, set your home location and also view skiing and world weather.

For each day of the week shown above, you can get more detail by clicking/tapping on the day and this will display a new hourly and historical weather view which gives the average statistical weather from the last ten years.


The hourly view is scrollable/swippable up and down so you can see the predicted weather for every hour.


To the right of the main view you can also see a map of the British Isles with 4 different overlays available, including hourly temperature, precipitation, satellite and cloud forecasts.


The interface works quite well in displaying a lot of information in an orderly fashion and the app gets even more appealing when you factor in the ability to have the app in a split screen/sidebar view and have a live tile on the start screen which flicks through each of your saved locations.


If you haven’t opened this app in the Windows 8 start screen, I would encourage you to try it out. Let me know what you think in the comments below.