My Essential Windows Apps List

banging_head[1]Installing a new PC can be tedious, what with the number of apps that you use and have to download after installing Windows. With that in mind, I have created an essential list of free applications for Windows.

*****Please be aware that the applications with stars on them are a warning that the app will want to modify, change or install unwanted apps when you are installing so take care and read each window or you could end up with Ask toolbars, your default home screen and search engine changed and other such annoyances.*****
Google Chrome Browser
Chrome App Launcher, have all your Google apps in one place
Google Hangouts for Chrome
Java without the Ask toolbar
VLC Media Player – Plays all video formats
Image Resizer in Context Menu, just right click
Image and Photo Editing, fast and free
7zip RAR and ZIP file handler
Media Info gives technical info for video and audio files ***
Ccleaner, registry and file cleaner
Recuva to restore deleted files
Speccy to see the components of your PC
Automatic Defragment tool, not required if you only have an SSD drive. **
Media Monkey, organise your music collection
Easy CD Converter Rips and converts CDs to mp3s/flac with cover art *****‎‎
Google Drive sync
Play FLAC files in Windows Media Player ******
Synaptics Driver – For Laptops to enable gesture support, two finger scrolling, two finger right click and three finger middle button/close tab.

I hope you find this useful, let me know in the comments.