Last Solar Eclipse on Earth for 3 years [UPDATE]

The last and most remote solar eclipse for 3 years occurs this evening at 19:30 GMT. Skywatchers and eclipse hunters are gathered in north eastern Australia to catch the Moon as it crosses the path of the Sun.

Over the course of 3 hours, the eclipse tracks from the north of Australia on an east/southeastern direction, past the north of New Zealand’s North Island and on to the open Pacific. Residents in New Zealand’s capital, Auckland, will get a partial eclipse, with around 85% of the Sun’s disc obscured by the Moon.

For us skywatchers in the UK, we can watch it all, as it happens, from one of the many webcasts already in position.

The Slooh Space Camera will be broadcasting from a site near the city of Cairns,  Queensland, Australia from 1930 GMT.

You can join the Slooh Camera in a Google+ Hangout and see all the shared photos of the eclipse as it happens by visiting the Google+ website here. This is a public Google Hangout and everyone is welcome.


The Slooh Hangout on Air is live – Click here