Aurora Alert Saturday 10th March

Aurora at the Canada/USA border on Wednesday, courtesy of

At 4am on Wednesday morning, aurora was observed as far south as 49 degrees North due to a minor CME which occured on Sunday.

A massive X-class solar flare occured on Wednesday morning and is expected to arrive around 0640UT on Thursday.

If you have clear skies over the next few nights, look to the north and watch for aurora as you will be in for a treat. Photographs have already been posted to so be sure and check them out.

Check out the Space Weather forecast page for more information. The best time to observe will be after 19:30 which is around astronomical twilight, depending on your latitude.

New video posted…

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Storm is really kicking off now, a bit of a delayed start, but definitely have a look this Friday evening and if you have a camera, use it on a tripod to take 15-20 second ISO400 photographs which will show up aurora, even through thin cloud that you can’t see with the naked eye.

Be sure and check out the forecasts for cloud cover for your area to get the best chance of a clear spell.

Good luck.


Another CME from sunspot Active Region 1429 is heading towards earth and could arrive as early as 11pm this evening. Be sure and keep checking the latest Kp Index for activity and if the sky is clear, take some time to look to the northern horizon for any green glow or curtain-like rays of light.

I have reorganised the Space Weather page and updated a few links to forecast pages. The latest addition and one that is proving to be very accurate is the Ovation Aurora Forecast which also predicts how far south the aurora can be observed.