Aurora Alert Update

CME on Thursday


Sunspot 1402 erupted last night producing an M9 class solar flare, the highest scale before the large X class. The resulting coronal mass ejection is heading towards Earth and is expected after lunch time on Tuesday.

The time is only an estimate, the best way to check for solar activity is to visit the Space Weather page and check out the live forecasts and webcams from high latitudes. If it’s dark and clear, then get yourself outside to enjoy this natural fireworks display.

Recent sightings

On Sunday night, aurora was reported from all over northern British Isles. Be sure and follow @AurorawatchUk on Twitter for any possible sightings, keep checking the Space Weather page, and if you do see aurora, tweet about it by using the now familiar method of #aurora followed by your postcode BT5 followed by the “amount” 4/10 . You can view the aurora results here.


If you have been following the Space Weather in the last few days, you will know of an M3 class coronal mass ejection that occurred on 19th January. The CME arrived on Sunday morning but it has been continuing to cause some beautiful aurorae over high to mid latitude locations, including northern UK.

The best way of observing aurora is to look for a clear northern horizon away from city light pollution, wrap up warm, lie back on a deckchair, and enjoy.

For more information, live aurora cams, and more, check out the Space Weather page.