Five hurricanes? four weeks?


The later forecast of high winds on Thursday/Friday is now looking less likely and the weather system could just skirt the south of England without actually making landfall which would give treacherous conditions for the English Channel and France. This does have a particular ring of de-ja vu 1987 so it’s best to keep checking the forecast as the weather models develop a more accurate picture during the week.


There is some very severe weather incoming for the British Isles this week, beginning with high violent storm force winds hitting the north and west during Tuesday afternoon and passing NE through Scotland during Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning could see a weak weather system pass through the south of Ireland with winds touching 50 knots and reaching southern Wales by the afternoon.

The most severe wind and rain is to come on Thursday afternoon/evening and this will be more widespread with forecasts currently looking at 70 knot mean wind speeds with gusts of 90+ knots travelling northeast through Ireland and Cornwall. Ireland, the Irish Sea, Wales, the Midlands, the North of England and southern Scotland are looking at the very worst storms lasting through until Friday evening.