Autumn frost


Autumn Leaves

The autumnal weather is well and truly upon us and we are looking forward now to when the first hard frost and colder weather will arrive. Over the next couple of weeks, an anticyclone will be firmly in control bringing warmer than average temperatures with south or south westerly winds. If at some point, the high pressure over mainland Europe were to swing south, we could see temperatures changing rapidly to a much colder airflow, come December.

The first, widespread, hard frost is yet to hit the British Isles so now is the time to prepare for the winter. Whether you have a car, caravan, yacht or log cabin, lagging water pipes, checking anti-freeze levels, or “winterizing” your boat or caravan is a necessity to prevent harmful frost damage. Home heating systems should be serviced and have an anti-corrosion additive added to the radiator system. If possible, fresh water systems in caravans and boats should be drained if not in use and antifreeze added (at recommended mixture levels) to prevent freezing. Garden machinery, outboard motors or any engine not in use should have fuel stabiliser added to prevent gumming, and fogging oil used to prevent internal corrosion over the winter months.

For long range forecasts, I have just added to the general weather page which provides monthly and even longer range outlooks as well as weekly updates by Michael Fish MBE, so this is well worth checking out. Unfortunately, Metcheck is still having huge issues with their forecasting system but there are a number of excellent alternatives.

  • Meteoblue is a Swiss run website that presents wonderful meteograms and 3hourly radar prediction maps so you can see exactly when rain is heading your way.
  • The Norwegian Met. Office provide excellent forecasts with great looking meteograms and hourly forecasts for your location.
  • For PC use only, WeatherSpark is for the technically minded giving multiple forecasting models presented in graph form to get you right at the data.
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