Hurricane Katia

Ex-Hurricane Katia perfect storm?

If you haven’t noticed already, it’s fairly wet and windy weather today, Saturday, but this is just a taster of what we can expect over the next 48 hours.

Hurricane Katia
Hurricane Katia view from the ISS

Hurricane Katia has been about for a couple of weeks now, simmering in the Central Atlantic Ocean, but it is now heading across the Atlantic and will be with us by Sunday night for western areas. Currently another low pressure system is in charge bringing heavy showers and gusts up to 45mph for some western parts. When Katia arrives it will combine with this current weather system and bring some very severe wet and windy weather.

Katia will track across the north of Ireland and into Scotland with forecasts showing sustained wind speed of 60mph and gusts up to 80mph. Northern Ireland, the western Isles, and Hebrides of Scotland will be worst affected, with gusty winds and rain continuing into Tuesday evening.

If you do live in an exposed location, I would advise that you take in all garden tables, chairs, gazebos, trampolines, small flower pots, and if you own a caravan/boat, please do check that all items are stowed safely and securely.

Now let’s sit back and enjoy the ride…

Watch the current weather conditions on the Weather Underground and XC Weather. For coastal locations, check out NOAA buoy data and Magic Seaweed which both show wave swell and wind speeds.