An Indian Summer

This week sees a high pressure weather system pushing in from mainland Europe. This is forecast to bring scorching temperatures up to 27°C in the southeast of the UK where the weather is expected to remain fine into next week.

An Indian Summer can to occur from late September to mid November and is so named when temperatures reach above 21°C with clear, sunny weather.

For the west of the British Isles, a low pressure system will be trying to push in, bringing strong southerly winds and the chance of showers throughout the week, though the rain should stay away until early Saturday for most of the west of Ireland and later in the day for the east of Ireland.

When the wind eventually changes to the north, you can expect rain wherever you live; for Ireland this will be Saturday but for eastern UK this could be as late as Monday evening, so a good weekend is likely.

Please do take care if you are out in the Sun, wearing an appropriate long sleeved shirt and sun factor sun cream. The strong southerlies in the west of the UK will make it feel cooler but burning will be just as quick.

UPDATE : Rain is now expected to move in to the west of Ireland on Friday morning but the blocking high pressure from the south east will mean that the Midlands, south and east will continue to enjoy the warm weather throughout Sunday.