ZyGrib added

ZyGrib screenshot

Latest addition to the Marine GRIB software is ZyGrib.

ZyGrib is a free GRIB download/viewer which has very comprehensive weather data available to the user. The data is maintained by NOAA and is updated at around 05:15, 11:15, 17:15 and 23:15 GMT each day, after which ZyGrib’s server downloads the data to make it available for users. (Server download information can be viewed in the program so that you know when the latest data becomes available).

The software has some great features including a Meteotable which can display 3hourly forecast pictograms for any location you have data for.

Check it out in the GRIB section page! Available for Windows and Linux – Mac users have to compile it. If you have the bandwidth, it’s well worth downloading the high resolution maps too.