The UK Weather Portal is a fast loading, definitive resource for getting the latest UK weather at home or on the move.
Ideal for the time conscious, astronomers, mariners and meteorologists.

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If you find this site useful, please feel free to let me know.

I started this website as a way of collating all the best of internet weather forecasting in one place. I’m into boating, scuba diving, fishing and astronomy, all of which rely heavily on accurate and up to date forecasts. If you use a weather website that you feel is essential viewing for your forecasts then please do send me the link for addition to this portal.

I live in Shrigley just outside Killyleagh, County Down and am a keen astrophotographer and take photos of the planets, nebulas and star clusters and am a member of the Northern Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society. I also take photos of aurora, eclipses and lightning and any interesting cloud formations like sun dogs, sun and moon halos, and noctilucent clouds. I am an avid supporter of the Campaign for Dark Skies.

During the day, I work as a boat repairer. In my spare time I design websites, and have a recording studio. I also enjoy recording thunderstorms, the morning chorus, the sea shore etc. which have been used in commercial recordings.

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